The old Earl of Dorncourt (Alec Guinness) stands next to his grandson, Sir (Ricky Schroeder).  They both hold a hymn book in their hand.

“The Little Lord” is an old movie from the 1980’s and is now one of the most popular Christmas movies. The photo shows an undated movie scene from “The Little Lord”.

Have you ever discovered these movie mistakes in “The Little Lord” yourself? Some small pseudo-bugs have crept in here to make you smile. In this article we will present a little.

For many years, “Little Lord” was always broadcast on the Friday before Christmas Eve on the first. And successfully. Millions of people watch the cult movie over and over at Christmas time. But did viewers also notice the movie’s flaws that crept into the movie?

Little Lord is about young Cedric, grandson of the Earl of Dorincourt, Lord Fountainroy, and thus his legacy. When this unexpectedly became known, he moved with his mother from a rather modest corner of New York to England. There the sweet boy creeps more and more into the heart of the faltering and prejudiced Earl of Dorncourt. Through his grandson, the old man becomes more open and begins to do good. At what point should the film’s errors creep in?

Car in “The Little Lord”

In “The Little Lord” there are no electric lights and no cars. Instead, people ride wagons, ride ponies, and light a candle. However, if you take a closer look at the 43rd minute, you’ll see more of the scene. Where Lord Fontleroy went on his first ride with Wilkins: a car passes here in the background. Anyway, it was not intended.

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Plus, you see something exactly ten minutes ago that doesn’t fit with the technology that was there at the time – when Cedric is exploring his playroom, you see a light switch next to the door. At that time he didn’t even have a job.

“Little Lord”: the food just disappears

And the last scene where everyone enjoys Christmas dinner together creates confusion. Before Lord Fountelroy gives his speech, he begins to eat. But when he sat down after the speech, he quietly asked, “Did I say that right?” The food suddenly disappears. Then the next round is served, dessert.

‘Little Lord’: Has he suddenly returned to the future?

Did Little Lord make that leap in time? Or was it just a movie bug? If so, it’s pretty annoying because he slipped into a very important major scene. It is about the place where Cedric’s best friends read a letter from Hobbs and Dick Cedric in which they tell of the fraud of his inheritance. Hobbs then wants to show Dick the appropriate article in the newspaper, which also includes a photo of the heiress’ supposed real mother. At the top right you can see the date of the newspaper: 01/24/1872.

To illustrate the scam (the supposed correct heir is just a scam, Dix recognized his brother Ben’s ex-wife in the photo), they went to England together. A little later they celebrated with Cedric and the others birthday. So it doesn’t fit in time – unless you do a time jump from January to December, which isn’t the case.

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There are many other movie bugs that are being collected by fans on the internet on different platforms. Beautiful and cheesy Christmas movies are always poignant and incredibly heartwarming, but the mistake of a movie is always good for a laugh or a smile. (say)


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