Clustered in the Jura after the evenings of Canquilot and Beaujolais

However, all sanitary precautions were observed. In Chissey-sur-Loue, a small village of 320 inhabitants located in the Jura, A third of the population tested positive coronavirus last month after several evenings. Despite the mask, the vaccine and the sanitary passage, the events of Cancoillotte and Beaujolais Nouveau, then their anniversary, caused an explosion in the number of cases.

In total, one hundred people fell ill, like Michelle, 85 years old. “I was tired, and then I started coughing. I spent eight to ten days in bed, I had the impression it was influenza,” she explains over an RTL microphone. She, like all participants, was vaccinated, fortunately not infected with a dangerous type of coronavirus.

Denise, she doesn’t regret anything. “I’m glad to be there. We haven’t done anything in two years and everyone was happy: people were happy, they were singing and dancing. We saw it People really have lost their power‘I hope it doesn’t happen again,’ says the 84-year-old who is still comfortable getting out of this situation and ‘hopes it doesn’t happen again.

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