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Helen Fisher’s Comments on Pregnancy Reports

Helen Fisher’s Comments on Pregnancy Reports
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Helen Fisher’s Comments on Pregnancy Reports

Singer Helen Fisher Singer Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher writes: “We’ve been thrilled for a long time”

Source: dpa / Philipp von Ditfurth

Singer Helen Fisher responded to media reports that she should be pregnant. In a lengthy Instagram post, she accuses the people around her of treason – and she doesn’t want to use a word at all.

nAfter media reports of the pregnancy, singer Helen Fisher made a statement crossed on Instagram. She needed something to think about about how she would handle the current situation, she wrote, “if he reacted about it and how could I and how would I explain it frankly here.”

Fisher complained that fairy tales and lies about them continued to appear. She added, “This time there were people close to me who shared personal information with the media, which disappoints me the most in this case.”

“Unfortunately, a message was revealed that we wanted to keep some privacy for ourselves. Although my current condition is nice, we would have liked to wait a little longer for this news to reach the public.”

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“Okay, I’m out now. Unfortunately, I haven’t decided on my own, but I still have to say: Sorry to everyone who’s worked with me over the past few months, business partners, friends and even relatives that I haven’t told anything about. I just wanted to protect you, and extravagantly.” Live, protect myself. I would have liked to tell you about it in person. We’ve been thrilled about it for a long time and I’m doing a great job. Because I can proudly say: I look forward to the time ahead.”

Fisher’s announcement ended with the words: “An overwhelming and unique feeling. I send you a lot of love and thank you all for the beautiful words and congratulations!”.

The 37-year-old announced her affair with stuntman Thomas Settle (36 years old) in December 2018. RTL and ‘Bild’ reported the pop singer’s pregnancy on Thursday.

Fisher pulled out recently — first for a creative break, then because of the coronavirus pandemic. Her new album “Rausch” is scheduled to be released next October, and she has announced a huge concert next summer. On August 20, 2022, the pop star wants to be on stage in front of about 150 thousand fans on the grounds of Messi Munich.

Before her relationship with Thomas Settle, Fischer, who was born in Krasnoyarsk in Siberia and moved with her parents to the Rhineland-Palatinate when she was a little girl, was in a relationship with artist Florian Silberisen for ten years. To fans, they were a dream couple on the German music scene, but at the end of 2018 they both announced their separation. Since then, Fisher has spoken less publicly about her private life than before.

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