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Britney Spears Wanted to Get Rid of Father Jimmy Spears as Regent Earlier – New York Times Report

Britney Spears is 39 years old – she has been disabled for 13 years. After a series of public meltdowns for the singer, her father, Jamie Spears, took over his daughter’s custody in 2008, regulating her legal and financial affairs. Britney Spears has rarely commented on this publicly. but how The New York Times reports nowShe has been trying longer and harder than previously known to get rid of her father as a guardian.

The newspaper can see confidential court records. Accordingly, Spears asserted years ago that guardianship had become an “oppressive and controlling method” for them. Spears said the system has “pretty much control,” according to an investigator who investigated the case on behalf of a court and submitted his report in 2016. According to the “New York Times,” she also says, “She’s tired of being ‘exploited.'” In addition, Spears complained that it was she who worked and earned her money – but at the same time everyone around her was making money.

In 2019, Spears told the court that she felt pressured under her guardianship to seek treatment in a psychiatric facility and act against her will. In late 2020, Spears said she won’t perform again until her father is impeached.

The New York Times extensively reports on the complex relationship between Britney Spears and her father. Already in 2014, the singer through her lawyer noted in court that Jamie Spears should not have the role of guardian; It is not suitable for that. As a reason, she cited, among other things, his alcohol consumption. Last year, the attorney said Britney Spears feared her father. The newspaper said Jimmy Spears did not respond to the allegations.

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Britney Spears rarely spoke about her guardianship dispute with her father. That will change on Wednesday: At her request, she will testify in person in court. It remains unclear whether their information will be made public.

Interest in the guardianship dispute was recently bolstered by a New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” which traces the pop star’s legal disability. The film shows how Jamie Spears was given guardianship and since then he has not only been able to schedule his daughter’s schedule, financial transactions and contracts, but also gets a lot of money from her.

According to the New York Times, Jamie Spears currently earns about $16,000 per month as a trustee in addition to $2,000 in rent. This equates to a total of about 15,000 euros per month. This does not include the money he made from various advertising deals and business deals for Britney Spears.


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