Home Economy Wednesday: E-Mercedes Test, North Korea Coincidence, Anonymous Hacker & Bezos petition

Wednesday: E-Mercedes Test, North Korea Coincidence, Anonymous Hacker & Bezos petition

Wednesday: E-Mercedes Test, North Korea Coincidence, Anonymous Hacker & Bezos petition

While the new C-Class was tested in the form of a Mercedes C 300 e hybrid with a massive battery and fast charging, research into the Bangladesh Central Bank incursion in 2016 showed that only coincidence prevented the theft of a billion dollars. . The presumed officials are still on the run, but an unknown hacker was recently arrested after being on the run for 10 years.

Jeff Bezos only wants to fly into space for a few minutes in July. However, there is a petition calling for the Amazon founder to stay there longer – forever. However, the European Court of Justice has ruled that upload platforms such as YouTube do not reproduce publicly uploaded content under current law and are therefore not directly responsible for illegal content. Illegality is also one of the issues on Wirecard’s balance sheet. The most important day in brief.

According to its own information, Mercedes built the C-Class around the PHEV engine. The The new C-Class It should carry the recipe for success into an electric future, with only mild to plug-in hybrids being used as the most interesting drive. The Mercedes C 300 e test shows how well this works: a hybrid with a huge battery and fast charging.

The meticulously prepared plan was actually a good layout storming the central bank of bangladesh, which was allegedly controlled by the “Lazarus Group” of North Korea. However, the hackers did not expect the address of a bank in Manila to be similar to that of an Iranian ship. Only a coincidence prevented the theft of billions from the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

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The North Korean hackers haven’t been caught yet, but now it says “order X“In front of a US court. Defendant describes his extradition as unlawful. He had been granted political asylum and was a humanitarian refugee. The US Department of Justice calls it a blow against Anonymous after the alleged anonymous hacker escaped in Mexico 10 years after his arrest.”

Jeff Bezos She escaped from Earth just a few minutes on her first spaceflight in July. If the petition had its way, it would have to stay there forever. After a slow start on the petition, more than 90,000 people have now signed – yesterday it was 50,000. Viral social envy in its purest form: Petition targeting Jeff Bezos’ space flight.

Several copyrighted works are uploaded daily loading platforms Like youtube and uploaded.net. However, the operators of these online platforms are not directly responsible for illegal uploads, as they do not reproduce publicly uploaded content in accordance with current law. The European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday in a ruling on video-sharing and hosting services.

There have also been violations of the law in Wirecard and a quarter of a year before the federal election, MPs are withdrawing Wirecard Investigation Commission The balance sheet – or rather: several budgets. The CDU, CSU, and SPD all contribute to the final report, and there is also a joint special vote for the opposition parties FDP, the Left, and the Greens, and a separate vote by the AfD. Is This Wirecard Commission Record Election Campaign Noise or Real Outrage?

Also important:

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