BMW Vision AMBY: a fast bike without pedals

BMW Motorrad is presenting the Vision AMBY at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich – an electric car somewhere between a bike and a motorcycle.

Electric mobility on two wheels fits perfectly into the urban space. An electric motorbike can be too big. The bike wouldn’t be bad, but it does require a lot of effort from the rider. This is where the BMW Vision AMBY comes in.


AMBY stands for “Adaptive Mobility” and is meant to emphasize the scope of the concept. The study feels like a bicycle without pedals. With jagged treads on the 26-inch front wheel with thinner tires and the 24-inch rear wheel with wider tires, AMBY shows it can and wants to go anywhere. BMW used the appropriate air pressures of 1.2 bar in the front and 0.8 bar in the rear as design elements on the fork and swingarm covers, which are also reminiscent of modern mountain bikes. BMW selects chassis and brake components accordingly. The brakes come from Freiburg Trickstuff, the fully adjustable eccentric mount with air spring and reservoir is from Cane Creek and the USD fork can be installed like this on a downhill bike. The thin and narrow seat with a height of 830 mm is reminiscent of a motorcycle, as are the fixed footrests. In the middle, the large energy storage unit and the drive unit form a huge optical block. BMW AMBY study lighting is provided by elegant LED modules: the taillights are in the seat bolsters of the seatpost, the front indicators are reminiscent of small balls and the main lamp is a stylish U-shaped element.

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Bykstar Offroad Electric Motorcycle


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One drive, three applications

The electric motor of the 65kg two-wheeled bicycle offers three speed levels for different types of roads, which can be preset by controlling the app. The final thrust is via a toothed belt, which is also closer to a bike than to a motorcycle. Automatic selection of speed via geolocation and street recognition can be visualized. At a level of 25 km/h AMBY is allowed on bike paths, at a level of 45 km/h on inner city streets and at a speed of 60 km/h even multi-lane roads are possible outside built-up areas. However, in this case, a helmet, insurance license plate and corresponding driver’s license are required. The mode cannot be bypassed by the user. The required license plate is carried out using an innovative display surface, mounted on the side of the swing arm.

If AMBY is ever implemented, various assistance and control systems are also considered, as are complete networks and control via a smartphone.

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AMBY looks ambitious. An e-bike that converts from a moped to a scooter could – depending on the location – have a future in urban traffic.


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