With a large police presence, a demonstration march with hundreds of people from Grozberg to Friedrichsine began Saturday evening. The move is directed against the planned eviction of a Berlin construction trailer settler.

Hundreds of people protested in Berlin against plans to evacuate a left-wing alternative construction trailer settlement. Among the participants was a large group of left-wing autocrats dressed in black and hooded. Demonstrators marched from the site via Friedrichshaine via Krusberg. Firecrackers were lit from the beginning. The demonstration, entitled “Protect Kobe Vaughan Plots”, was close to a large police presence. More than 1,000 people were on the streets, according to a German Press Agency reporter.

The trailer estate for Copenhagen Strauss in Berlin-Mitte is expected to be demolished on October 15. Residents insisted they would not accept the eviction date without protest.

Called Kobe is one of the last identification projects of the left-wing extremist scene in Berlin. The district court ordered the eviction in June. According to the ruling, 2,600 square meters of undeveloped land where construction trailers and caravans are located should be cleared. According to the residents’ association, about 30 people live there. The building at Copenhagen Strauss 137 was not affected.

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