Home entertainment Valentina vs. Vivian: She won by “Beat the Star”!

Valentina vs. Vivian: She won by “Beat the Star”!

Valentina vs. Vivian: She won by “Beat the Star”!

What a duel! On Saturday evening, TV viewers got their money’s worth at Schlag den Star: Presenter Viviane Geppert (30) competed against actress Valentina Pahde (27) in a beautiful duel. Both women were confident of victory beforehand – but in the end only one could achieve victory: Fifi grabbed the long-awaited title after an exciting battle!

At first the trend seemed very clear: GZSZ managed to perform in many games Valentina Victory and Vivi left behind. But the “difficult” presenter caught it, so that in the end it was all about the crucial points. In the final No. 15 can “hurdles” Vivian But then I convince – Ibtihaj received a prize of 100,000 euros.

But how did the show go with the audience? At first there were more negative votes on the Internet – the duels seemed very easy. The girls’ impulse seemed to leave much to be desired, and the breaks became longer. How’s the show with you Valentina And Vivian please? Vote below.

Valentina Bahdi, actress
Moderator: Vivien Gebert
Vivian Gibert and Valentina Bahdi "Beat the celebrity" 2022

ProSieben / Stephen Z. Wolf

Vivian Gibert and Valentina Bahdi in “Schlag den Star” 2022
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