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The Bachelor: Dominic Stockmann Expresses Doubts in Biography


Dominic Stockman, the current “Bachelor”, describes himself as an IT professional, founder and investor. However, podcast makers have raised doubts about Rosenkavalier’s professional descriptions. He now speaks for himself. The initiators of rumors are now backing off.

While participants in the TV show “The Bachelor” are currently vying for the heart of Mexico’s 30-year-old businessman Dominic Stockmann, voices have been raised in Germany claiming that the 30-year-old’s biography wasn’t quite right. The podcast episode and accompanying video released a few days ago are said to be intended to take a closer look at Rosenkavalier’s professional biography, and in the process some sections have been questioned. The IT entrepreneur is now taking a stand on the allegations himself – and the initiators have spoken out too.

‘The Bachelor’ Dominic Stockman sees allegations ‘simply sad’

Dominic Stockman calls himself the investor and founder on his LinkedIn profile. In his podcast and accompanying video, this year’s “Bachelor” accused, among other things, that some of the companies listed on his LinkedIn profile no longer exist. The video has since been deleted. Is the cut flower distributor a fraud? The 30-year-old has now confirmed that it wasn’t like that at all. He explained in an official statement: “The video makers have contacted me and apologised – after I told you again about my career and all the mystery cleared. They have also shown insight and want to avoid such behavior in the future. Well, I hope, because that’s not nice.”

The 30-year-old comes to a sobering conclusion: “I find it sad that there are always people trying to gain access through incorrect or missing information. Many strangers have been guided by such information.”

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They stress the release and the 30-year-old and also explain that the entrepreneur himself contacted the podcast producers to clarify the mystery. Together they went through all the stops on his LinkedIn profile and Dominik was able to unambiguously clarify all doubts.

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