VOX's Hape Kerkeling: 'I'm an old man and I'm past my retirement'

Updated Dec 6, 2021 at 11:26pm

  • With a three-hour evening on VOX, Hape Kerkeling is celebrating its return to the stage of the big show.
  • A lot of time is devoted to the subject of his heart, cats.
  • But the audience and Dunja Hayali have extracted some secrets about his legendary parody from the 56-year-old.

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“I missed her too,” Happy Kirkling smiled at his first major live performance in ten years. Audiences at Hamburg’s lavish Hansa Theater greet the long-stayed comedian with much applause. VOX is right there with the cameras when the 56-year-old invites you to a three-hour “Evening with Hape.” Program: reading, questions from the audience (“There are no taboos!”), interview with program presenter Denga Haiali – and vocals by the man who shrugs off a little.

But it starts with a lot of content about cats: the artist recently introduced himself as a whispering cat, with “Paws off the table! My cats, my other cats and me,” a written declaration of love for all the domestic cats that have accompanied him in his life so far or optionally ignored.

Kirkling considers himself a “good cat dad.”

“Since he picked up whiskey, a giant poodle we had to take care of, I no longer have him with dogs,” Kirkling says, explaining the origin of his love of cats. At Aunt Elfriede with an ill-fitting blonde wig, he meets his first animal friend Petrell—a notorious cat cat who “has more personality than a sledge dog group,” enthuses Kirkling.

He reads while walking, dashing through hallways and revealing how he once saved his animal roommates Samson and Spock from a messy Wanne-Eickel bed and what illegal tricks he uses when flying with his cats, keyword: excess baggage due to an overweight cat. Kirkling: “I may be a bad person, but I’m a good cat dad.”

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What was it like at the time when Queen Beatrix was?

Then it was time for the audience to ask, “Was I scared when I played Queen Beatrix?” A woman wants to know. “No, but it could have been better,” Kirkling says. He desperately expected his parody to unfold, and was at a loss when he was admitted into the entrance to Bellevue Palace, where he then asked for a “delicious lunch.”

Hape Kerkeling, VOX, An Evening with Hape Kerkeling, Katzen, Dunja Hayali, Horst Schlämmer
There was plenty of cat content from Hape Kerkeling during his evening on VOX.

© RTL / Hendrik Loders

The comedian admits that he worked on the cult character Horst Schlammer for two years. Al-Kidwa: Real Local Reporters from the Governorate. Someone held a Cartier watch in front of their nose and said, “You can’t stand that!” Of course, some cat friends also say, “Do cats have a sense of humor?” Believe! Another cat mom says she has an eared Scotch cat at home. Kerkeling didn’t get over it: “Now you’re kidding! I can’t focus on anything anymore!”

Hype Kirkling “Disappointed”

Reporter Denga Al Hayali, a friend of Kerkeling’s, wanted to know why he’s coming back after he retired in 2014: “In the past, people would say: I was young and I needed money. What now?” Kirkling laughs: “Now I’m an old man and I’m past my retirement!”

And he solemnly states that for a while he “pissed himself off” because he made so much and was present almost everywhere. The break, including a stroll down St James’s Road, stopped him, “Traveling is a real relaxation for me, not an escape,” Kirkling says. In the future, he wants to make sure his looks are “imbued with good doses.”

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Less hero worship will be more

Hayali wants to know if he regrets something. Kirkling then shook his head: “I look at my work with great sympathy,” explains the 56-year-old, who still loves to sing Gaga’s song “All Life is a Test.” Instead, at the Hansa Theatre, Kirkeling performs “Believe in you,” a song in which he thanks his grandmothers. At the end he says appropriately, even if he sings something crooked: “When the curtain slowly falls.”

Conclusion: “An Evening with Hape” was a real treat for lovers of Kerkeling and cats. Less hero worship would have benefited the event. Sometimes you thought you were a spectator at a Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony. Fortunately, Kerkeling doesn’t take himself so seriously as his ardent fans: “Above all, as a comedian you shouldn’t thank yourself,” is his advice to the next generation. (the classroom)
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