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Tuesday: Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Shanghai auto show and take off on Mars

Tuesday: Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Shanghai auto show and take off on Mars

This Tuesday is all about transportation. At the opening of the auto show in Shanghai, the prevailing opinion was that German car manufacturers have the best opportunities for electric cars. In the future, the Mercedes GLB will also be offered as an electric vehicle under the name EQB, and BMW announces solid-state batteries ready for serial production at the end of the decade.

But if there is traffic, there are also accidents: in Texas, an accident with a Tesla Model S self-driving car apparently killed two people. Meanwhile, the NASA helicopter took off from Mars without any passengers. The most important day in brief:

German manufacturers are getting the best chances to open the world’s largest auto show in Shanghai. “You’re faster, more assertive, and there’s a lot more substance – hence more awareness,” said German management consultant Peter Haig of the Beijing-based Districom Group. German brands seem to have an incredibly strong foundation and history to build on.

Since China has largely controlled the COVID-19 pandemic since last summer,China is an auto manufacturer“It will be held in Shanghai until April 28. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to come in with negative COVID-19 test results. They should take their body temperature and use a smartphone app to prove that they have not been in risk areas. E-mobility and communication are expected again this year from The main themes of the exhibition.

There also presented the Mercedes GLB as a type of electric car. Under the name Mercedes EQB This should quickly come to the Chinese market. Europe should follow this year, and North America not until next year.

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Technically, the first edition of the EQB is based on the smaller EQA, although the performance specifications of the first edition differ. In China, sales start with the 215 kW electric motor.

Meanwhile, BMW relies on developing solid-state batteries. “By the end of the decade, we will have a solid battery suitable for automotive applications for serial use,” he said BMW– Development Board member Frank Weber. CEO Oliver Zips confirmed that the company wanted to show its first experimental car with this technology before 2025.

Solid batteries Important futuristic technology in vehicle construction. With them, the cargo is no longer transported through a liquid carrier. With certain designs, cells can become lighter, which increases the range of compounds.

Meanwhile, in the US state of Texas, two prisoners in a Tesla Model S were the victims of a fatal accident over the weekend. The car was completely destroyed. Apparently, the electric vehicle controlled by the autopilot rolled off the road in a bend at high speed, crashed into a tree and caught fire.

According to local investigation authorities, no one was in the driver’s seat. After hours of firefighting – in conventional cars it would only take minutes – firefighters found the bodies in the passenger seats and back.

A small NASA helicopter took off on Mars on Monday and made its first motorized flight to another planet. This results from the first data that NASA’s instrument sent to Earth.

The short flight, in which Ibdaa only reached a height of a few meters and landed again soon after, must be followed by more. Currently , NASA It still receives the rest of the data. Experts assess whether everything is really going according to plan. The first flight on the Red Planet took place 118 years after the Wright Brothers Wright Flyer made the first motorized flight on Earth.

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Aldi’s new offerings, which go on sale on April 29, could be of interest to everyone more in flight simulation or harmless driving. In all Aldi branches The Akoya E14304 with Zen-2 processor and dual-channel RAM is said to be available for € 430 – the model does not come from the latest 5000th generation, but is still well suited for common office tasks. Aldi Nord also sells a gaming-capable desktop computer.

Also important:

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