“Our flagship new product Utiliguard 2 are seamlessly integrated into
Point ManChristopher Thompson, Director of Product Marketing at Subsite electronics. “A combination of Point Man With us Utiliguard 2 It expands the ease of use and capabilities for our customers by offering better data quality, increasing productivity and reducing cable damage at the same time. “

ProStar I worked with Apple and Subsite Together to Utiliguard-Tools in Point Man
To integrate with iOS. The Point ManIntegration means that
Point ManThe app meets Apple UI guidelines for a more user-friendly user interface and has passed Apple security reviews.

The iOS integration supports the ProStarTo expand the company’s sales channels by integrating its software with leading hardware manufacturers around the world. Point Man Proven to improve both ease of use and performance of the world’s leading manufacturers of pipe / tube positioning devices and GPS / GNSS receivers.

Big Tucker, CEO and founder of the company said ProStar. “The more equipment manufacturers we work with Point Man For integration, the larger the larger Presence In the market that we are reaching which greatly increases the acceptance of our solution. “

On Subsite electronics

Subsite Electronics is committed to providing civil engineering professionals with the broadest range of electronic products in the industry, including utility locators, utility cables, and hard drives (horizontal) directional
Drilling), hardware control devices as well as video surveillance and remote surveillance cameras and accessories. Through the use of innovative technologies, broad market feedback and superior customer support, Subsite Established as a leading provider of electronic technology to support the installation, maintenance and inspection of underground pipes and cables.

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You can find more information at //www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/ subsite.com.

On ProStar (TSXV: Maps) (FWB: 5D00)

ProStar Is a world leader in precision mapping solutions. ProStars
Main product, Point ManIt is designed as a native cloud and mobile application and is called “Program.” Such as A solution is presented (SaaS) ProStar Connecting the field to the office seamlessly and presenting The ability to accurately capture, record, display and manage critical infrastructure data on roads, railways, pipelines and facilities in real time.

Some of the largest companies in North America are using the solution from ProStarIncluding construction companies Fortune 500, SUE (civil engineering offices for underground facilities), utility operators, and government agencies.

ProStar Maintains strategic business relationships with the world’s leading GIS providers, data acquisition device manufacturers and dealer networks, including Trimble, Juniper Systems, Bad Elf and Vivax MetrotecAnd the Radiological detection And the Subsite electronics.

The company has invested significant sums in building an extensive intellectual property portfolio that now includes 19 patents issued in the United States and Canada and a number of patent applications. Patents protect the methods and systems required to capture, record, regulate, manage, distribute and display the exact location of critical infrastructure facilities, including underground facilities and pipelines.

Management team ProStar He has extensive experience leading private and public technology companies, including startups and 500 giants at Fortune. The management team includes Vasa Dasan, Former Technical Director of Sun Microsystems, Karl Lachua, Previously held the position of Chief Information Officer at HSBC (Canada and Europe), and former CEO of Disney, Matthew Breman.

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For more information on ProStar Please visit: www.prostarcorp.com.

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