YouTube now wants to do NFTs too

Recently, more and more companies are sharing their plans for a possible integration of cryptocurrency, or NFT. For example, Ubisoft has already released some items for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint with Ubisoft Quartz, the popular Poppy Playtime horror game with NFTs that provide more context for the game’s plot, and Square Enix is ​​also keen to stick with NFTs.

But outside of the gaming sector, NFTs are also becoming increasingly interesting to many companies. For example, popular chat platform Discord incorporated NFTs, but scrapped the idea in November of last year. The social media platform Twitter now supports NFT profile pictures.

Will YouTube get NFT integration?

Latest company NFTs You might want to give a chance is YouTube, like CEO Susan Wojcicki in one open letter On YouTube plans for 2022 writes. For Wojcicki, NFTs are one “A previously unimaginable opportunity to strengthen the relationship between content creators and their fans”.

“We’ve always been focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help creators take advantage of emerging technologies, including things like NFTs, while continuing to strengthen and improve the YouTube fan and creator experiences.”

At the same time he left YouTube Head of Games Ryan White, and the Jamie Byrne, Senior Director, Creative Partnerships The company to work for two different blockchain companies in the future. YouTubers seem to show a clear interest in these technologies.

Another point in Wojcicki’s speech is the new points youtube shorts, which maybe with tik tok You must compete. Short films have now been viewed over five trillion times. The team is currently working on “To make it easier for developers and users to create short games”. In addition, there should be some improvements for YouTube games, including more chat functionality.

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