Berlin Private broadcaster RTL II fills the third season of its “Comptor Realtists” show with 22 candidates – including well-known faces from actors, singers and other reality genres. The mother of Danila Gutsenberger, Iris Klein and Hamburg’s former senator and former magistrate Ronald Schill will be there, the broadcaster announced Wednesday. Schill once founded the right-wing populist party Rechtsstat Offensive.

According to RTL II, participants in the “Battle of the Reality Stars” on the beach in Thailand compete with each other in games and gradually vote for each other: Yelis Kok, Schaefer Heinrich, Malcolm Rouen Dietrich, Elena Miroshaw, , Mike Cheese, Larissa Newman, Tessa Bergmeier, Mauro Cordino, Nina Christine, Chetrin Schulz, Sissy Hoffour, Paco Herb, John Lake, Prince Heind-Witz The Jackson vans van Illona and Susanna Enrique, Marta

Kathy Hummels will be the re-evaluator. The broadcaster has not yet announced when the third season will air.


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