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Roman Huber (left) and Dr.  George Reed
Roman Huber (left) and Dr. George Reed

Bayern Kapital GmbH, based in Landshut and Munich since 1995, has been at the forefront of investments in Bavarian technology startups for many years. In 2015, the investment focus was expanded to include the €100 million Bavaria Growth Fund, which was surpassed by another €115 million in 2020. With the €200 million “ScaleUp-Fonds Bayern”, the team surrounding Managing Directors Roman Huber and Dr. . George Reed now also has an offer of large expansionary financing.

This should enable future funding rounds with a total volume of 20-50 million euros for Bavarian high-tech companies. Like all funds managed by Bayern Kapital, “ScaleUp-Fonds Bayern” never invests in competition, but exclusively in close cooperation and always on the same terms with private investors. Says Managing Director Dr. George Reed. The new fund aims to support ambitious technology companies from Bavaria in particularly capital-intensive expansion stages as a co-investment partner for private investors to achieve large funding rounds. The prerequisite is a clearly successful and scalable business model based on innovative technology, ideally protected by proprietary rights, with unique and sustainable selling points and clear competitive advantages.

Byrne Capital has put together a team of experienced investment managers led by team leader Marcus Maracaz to manage the new fund. Additionally, said Dr. Wolfgang Hanrieder, who once worked at the executive level of the famous Carlyle Group and currently holds various supervisory and advisory positions on the boards of well-known technology startups. “We are delighted to have joined Mr. Mrachacz’s team with Dr. Hanrieder was able specifically to enhance this private equity business, thereby gaining highly efficient dedicated access to large international investor constituencies. This will help achieve Our mission is to successfully expand the reach of Bavaria.”

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Bayern Kapital was founded in 1995 as a venture capital firm in the Free State of Bavaria. The company currently manages twelve investment funds with an investable investment volume of approximately 700 million euros. Entries include voxeljet, EOS, eGym, crealytics, Micromet, and MorphoSys.


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