At Silverstone, Formula 1 runs a sprint race to determine the starting point for the first time in its 70-year history. It takes place on Saturday afternoons, as usual on Sunday after the Grand Prix of Great Britain (4pm, live ticker, TV: Sky). But what lies behind the design? What happens to qualify? What do drivers say? The most important questions at a glance.

How does Sprint Race work?

Sprint is a 100-kilometer race on Saturday (5.30pm) that corresponds to 17 laps at Silverstone. The whole thing takes 25 to 30 minutes. The outcome of the sprint race will determine the starting point for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

What is the idea behind this?

Formula 1 wants to provide the audience with additional steps along the way. If used only for Friday production, the competition sessions on all three days should now be upgraded to the weekend. In addition, regulators believe the 30-minute tough race has laid the groundwork. While tire wear at the Grand Prix often leads to a wait-and-see tactic, there should be full triggering over the entire distance in the sprint. “We tried to make it possible,” said Rose Bran, director of Formula 1 sports: “We don’t want anyone to back down.” This opportunity was considered largely absent in modern motorsport. If you are a real racing driver, you should appreciate it: “They race with a shopping cart at the supermarket,” Fran said.

Are there points?

Yes, the winner, the future polar man gets three points, the second two, the third one point.

What happens to qualify?

Eligibility continues, but it will be brought in until Friday (7pm). The result of this one-hour session is the basis for the next day’s sprint sequence. The late start time on Friday aims to attract many interested parties to the final devices.

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How Many Times Should a Sprint Race Be Conducted – Where?

It will be tested three times in total this year, with sprint qualifying sessions scheduled for Monza (race weekend September 10 to 12) and one of the overseas races. The form is analyzed to see if it is a future source. But it should never completely change the normal qualifications. “We want sprint racing to be a calendar event,” Bran said.

What do drivers and crews think about this?

Kimi R்கikknen World champion a few days ago, knew nothing about this process Lewis Hamilton The forerunner welcomes the impression, but hopes it will not be “particularly exciting”. Problem: In theory, drivers can drive more aggressively in the sprint than in the Grand Prix – but a failure can lead to a dilapidated Sunday. “The most important thing is to finish this short race. Otherwise you start on Sunday,” he said Sebastian Cut. The Aston Martin driver also pointed out the summary of the workload. There is not much time for optimal coordination as qualification is followed after the initial training on Friday. During the final training session on Saturday, the pilots will gather data for the long journey.

Gunther Steiner, The team boss of Mick Schumacher’s Haas racing team said the sprint was basically a win “if the fans want it”. However, he himself advises his drivers to get out of anger and put the car on the track. Shoemaker As a player, he still knows the sprint races in Formula 2, which are part of a consistent plan, and he looks forward to the races: “It will definitely be fun. It’s a new format, maybe it’s easier for us because we have to deal with a lot of new things anyway, ”he said.

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