New products need attention. But the “pinky gloves” provoked outrage above all else. Now the inventors of pink gloves want to take the term production out of the market. “At no time do we want to discredit anyone or obstruct the natural process,” wrote founders Eugene Rimculo and his co-executive director Andre Ritterswarten On the company’s website.

Their idea: Women with pink rubber gloves can “smartly” dispose of tampons and other term products. But now the inventors are announcing the end of the product under the title “We Stop #pinkygloves”. “The development of our product and how it interacts with it has not been properly thought out,” they write. “People make mistakes – you have to deal with mistakes, you have to learn from them and you have to be given the opportunity to make mistakes.” All buying and selling activities will be suspended.

The glove was presented last week at Vox’s founder show “The Lions Ten”. Initially, investor Ralph Dummel, 54, was interested in the idea of ​​two founders of the Olfen Company in North Rhine-Westphalia. But the reaction on social networks is very different than humans expect. Under the hashtag #Pinkygate, feminists, among others, took a stand against gloves. The product was criticized as durable and sexual.

In their statement, the founders also write about the extent of the criticism: “What has affected us the most in the long run is that we have been subjected to waves of violence, including threats of violence, bullying and death threats. We are beaten in the street and verbally abused. “At the same time, young entrepreneurs assure us:“ We took criticism to heart and understood. “

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Now “pinky gloves” inventors mainly want to return to everyday life. Her plea: “We can no longer take this. We are at the end of our power. Please stop attacking and threatening us, our families and supporters.”


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