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Outer Space: Solar Orbiter Takes Stunning Picture of the Sun

Started on February 10, 2020 SolWith arbiter (single – Yes, almost like Han Solo in “Star Wars”) in space. The space probe is a project of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the US space agency NASA. The mission has four main components Asks In the baggage, which revolves around the categories of solar wind, solar poles, magnetic field and space weather. To the question “What are the effects of coronal mass ejections on the solar system?” There may be more detailed answers soon. Because the probe recorded a giant solar flare.

The solar probe rests on the solar eruption

On February 15, 2022 – about two years after the launch date of the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter space probe – the European Space Agency published an image that had it all: in the image we see a glowing red fireball and some kind of tail spewing into space. the side. The image shows a coronal mass ejection. This is the solar flare that ejects plasma. Besides the impressive appearance, what distinguishes the image? Aloud this is The Solar Orbiter captured “the largest outstanding solar flare ever observed, along with the entire solar disk, in a single image.”

What are solar prominences?

The violent currents of material on the Sun – including prominences – appear as luminous arcs at the edge of the Sun. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), solar prominences are often associated with coronal mass ejections. Especially strong currents rise above the surface of the Sun. Then the arc throws the material into space. When a coronal mass ejection is directed toward Earth, it can affect our technology and daily life, affecting satellite navigation (such as GPS) or radio and cell phone reception. After all: at such a time, especially intense northern lights can also be expected, which occur even in the mildest latitudes. The coronal mass ejection of February 15, 2022 stretched millions of kilometers into space, but was moving away from Earth and was not aimed at us.

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