Ajax Amsterdam and the family of former player Abdelhawk Noori have agreed to pay millions in compensation.

The club will pay 7.85 million euros, according to Dutch record champions on Monday.


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Noori suffered a heart attack on July 8, 2017 during a friendly against Werder Bremen. After that, the 24-year-old was in a coma and has been suffering from severe permanent brain damage ever since.

Ajax has now admitted mistakes in medical care on the pitch and has accepted responsibility for it as an employer.

“It’s good to have an agreement reached, so it’s possible. We all know that the suffering for Abdelhawk and his loved ones is not over.


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The association has reimbursed Noori’s maintenance costs since 2017 and will continue to cover them. The Noori family dropped their proceedings before the arbitral tribunal of the Dutch association KNVB after a compromise.

“The discussion of responsibility and its consequences is a matter of the past and it is good for us to look at the future together. It will mainly focus on the best projects we have with the Abdelhawk Noori Foundation,” said Noori’s father, Mohammad Noori.



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