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eFootball: Crossplay to follow in 2022

eFootball: Crossplay to follow in 2022

This week, Konami gave us an update on the status of content planned for “eFootball”. While the cross-play feature is set to launch this year as planned, the release of fan favorite “Master League” has been pushed back to 2023.

With ‘eFootball’ Konami developers have handed over the discontent of the ‘PES’ community One of the worst tracks From last year, who had to struggle with many quirks both technically and in terms of play.

With proper updates, however, the problems were gradually eliminated. Konami has provided players with a content update planned for the upcoming months via the official Twitter channel. The most important news first: the “Master League”, which is very popular in various branches of “PES”, unfortunately will not switch to “eFootball” this year and will instead have to wait until 2023.

“Master League will be available as paid add-on throughout 2023,” the publisher said succinctly.

This content will be released in 2022

Another feature that the community has repeatedly requested recently is support for the cross-play feature, which enables duels between football players and computer users. According to Konami, the crossplay feature is currently scheduled to launch in the winter of 2022. The same goes for the unspecified customization options.

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Early this summer, an overhaul of the lobbies will make its way to “eFootball,” to which Konami explained: “Lobby Match, where users can create online rooms and play matches between teams created in Dream Team, should be available The last point will be the various new teams at the end of 2022, which can be purchased for a fee and used in different modes.

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Finally, the responsible developers turned directly to the “eFootball” community and indicated that player feedback will continue to be taken into account when working on upcoming updates and content.

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