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This is why Switch is the best travel companion – GIGA

This is why Switch is the best travel companion – GIGA

I have been traveling for nearly half a year. After the Switch has been on par with the PS4 and later PS5 in my personal rankings for so long, Nintendo’s hybrid console became an absolute favorite only when I was out and about.

Nintendo Switch

For gamers, games are also part of the long journeys

As I write these lines, I am sitting in a small but surprisingly comfortable hotel desk. If I look out the window, I see the cloud-covered slopes of the Himalayas, which stretch behind the colorful houses of Kathmandu.

A few days ago, I was in the capital of Nepal, my third travel destination in the past six months. I wanted to try myself as a “digital nomad” because I was so hungry for freedom. naturally For me as a gamer, the Switch is an integral part of my luggage (Real travelers would laugh at me.)

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Definitely, I travel to experience a lot. In this regard, I can certainly understand non-gamers when they scream “waste of time” at the thought of hiding behind a gaming screen in a strange place.

But everyone needs it break Of all the new impressions. Especially if you’re like me, staying in one place for a long time and working side by side, a leisurely player break is just the right thing to recharge the batteries for real “out there” adventures.

But there are other reasons Why the Switch has become the preferred remote controller.

We recommend the brand new OLED model especially for the travel enthusiasts who want to buy a switch first:

Nintendo's latest OLED model, the Switch, with separate Joy-Cons
The latest version of the Nintendo Switch with a better OLED display and other features. Image source: © Nintendo of Europe

May nostalgia be with me

To me, Nintendo knows better than almost any other developer how to evoke feelings of nostalgia. It may be because my life as a player started with SNES on my fifth birthday. My next consoles were different models of Game Boy and N64; It was only later that I became interested in PC and PlayStation.

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Accordingly, I feel completely at home, for example, when Donkey Kong Country or Yoshi’s Island flashes across the screen. It may sound cheesy, but no matter how lonely or lost in a strange place I feel – I’ve been playing Nintendo since my childhood, I feel a deep sense of safety, security and the love of my parentswho spent most of the time playing SNES with me.

not only this The switch can re-awaken a youthful thirst for adventure with the push of a button. For example, the Final Fantasy series shaped me during my teenage years and I can now enjoy all the parts that are important to me on the go at any time.

The Switch is often criticized for its many remakes of old ham – but I like this aspect, because their new move is a huge plus for me.

Of course, new exclusive Nintendo games also create a fun escape. These are currently the most popular:

Playing as an intercultural connection

In Malta I lived in the so-called coloring house. Digital Nomads live there, working in a co-working office during the day while spending their free time together.

Here I can too Quickly find a connection with my toggle switch. No matter where someone comes from – almost everyone has played a round of Mario Kart or at least heard about it in their life. That’s where another special feature of the Switch comes in: Joy-Cons.

I don’t need an extra console that takes up a lot of space in my limited luggage. I can invite a potential player anywhere by simply disconnecting the Joy-Cons from my Switch. In my experience, this symptom often leads to Sparkling eyes no matter my peer’s nationality.

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She soon staged a Mario Kart tournament at Coliving House, which caused a lot of international laughs despite the limited screen and joy cons that was very small in the long run.

I felt like I was in this early Nintendo promotional video:

There are no mobile alternatives

Of course, Nintendo has an advantage in the whole thing: There are no mobile alternatives (At least as long as Steam Deck hasn’t been released yet).

Certainly, PC gamers who have a powerful laptop always have a gaming platform with them. In this regard, they have a clear advantage as long as their games are not dependent on an internet connection.

But for me, the laptop has become a device for workWhich is why I said goodbye to PC gaming for so long. Putting myself in a comfortable corner with my Switch is now part of my comfortable gaming feel.

This may be quite a request in my circumstances, but it’s something I like to fill my luggage with an extra device.

Also, Google Stadia and (if I have a Windows laptop) PlayStation Now are two great ways to play on another device without having to stick around the console. But they don’t stand up to the practical test, because as a traveler I can’t count on a stable internet connection. Especially in hotels, cloud gaming is impossible.

Steam Deck could become a real mobile competitor to Nintendo:

For all of these reasons, the Switch has become my favorite console to take with me everywhere. And for all the opportunities that await me here in Nepal, I can’t wait for the announced N64 games for Switch to be released!

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