Home Tech LEGO presents the 2022 Chinese New Year, Super Mario and Monkie Kid sets!

LEGO presents the 2022 Chinese New Year, Super Mario and Monkie Kid sets!

LEGO presents the 2022 Chinese New Year, Super Mario and Monkie Kid sets!
LEGO Ciie Chinese New Year sets

About the official appearance on the Chinese platform Weibo Meanwhile, LEGO Western social media channels partially presented LEGO Chinese New Year Sets 2022 last night as part of CIIE Shanghai, but also show other LEGO Super Mario images and officially present the upcoming Monkie Kid.

We’ll briefly show you the first pictures of the groups here, since the resolution of the pictures leaves a lot to be desired anyway. Over the weekend, LEGO is supposed to provide high-resolution images of some of the sets, which we will of course also introduce later. We’ll also use next week to introduce you to the groups in more detail.

Thanks a lot too Dylan ShawAnd wooden duck And BricksJoySome of them took their own group photos at CIIE.

Chinese New Year Collections

LEGO 80108 . Lunar New Year Traditions

LEGO 80108 Lunar New Year traditions set consists of 1066 piecesand includes proud 12 mini figures. In general with the group 6 different scenes A building showing various traditions and holiday activities, such as spring cleaning, shopping, making lucky amulets and giving gifts to relatives.

LEGO 80108 2 . Chinese New Year Traditions LEGO 80108 1 . Chinese New Year Traditions

LEGO 80109 Lunar New Year Ice Festival

LEGO 80109 includes a new lunar ice festival 1519 pieces It shows a winter landscape of the New Lunar Ice Festival. Here 13 mini characters Including a miniature character in a tiger costume, whose image was partially haunted by social media yesterday.

LEGO 80109 Chinese New Year Ice Festival 2

LEGO 80109 Chinese New Year Ice Festival 1

LEGO Monkie Kid Updates

In addition to the Chinese New Year sets, the first images of one of the upcoming new LEGO Monkie Kid sets were also shown.

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LEGO 80035 Monkie Kids Raumforschungsstation

LEGO Monkie Kid 80035 Raumforschungsstation

The LEGO 80035 Monkie Kids space research station consists of a previously unknown number of parts. The space station is one of at least six sets that will be released for LEGO Monkie Kid next year.

LEGO Super Mario 2022 Updates

In addition, some missing LEGO Super Mario novelties have been submitted for January 2022 and have been provided with at least the first images. Here too, other official images should be submitted soon via the LEGO Online Store.

LEGO 71396 Bowser Jr’s Clown Car

LEGO Super Mario 2022 4

LEGO 71398 on the beach in Dorrie

LEGO Super Mario 2022 3

LEGO 71400 Big Urchin Beach Ride

LEGO Super Mario 2022 2

LEGO 71402 Charakterserie # 4

LEGO Super Mario 2022 1

As mentioned, we wanted to show you the pictures first before we introduce the collections again in detail in the coming days. Until then, you can discuss them in the comments! How do you like the collections, especially of course the very popular traditional Chinese New Year collections? Feel free to share ideas!


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