The final fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is... Sora from Kingdom Hearts!  •

Today, Nintendo announced the ultimate contender for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it’s Sora!

During today’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate livestream, Nintendo announced that Sora is the last fighter in the batting game.

You know the protagonist from the Kingdom Hearts series, of course, and it will be available for download from October 19, 2021.

Sora can jump very high and has a long range, especially when it comes to getting back on stage where he floats a lot. However, his weight is indicated by weakness, he is considered very vulnerable to fleeing.

His attacks are based on the first Kingdom Hearts game. It’s a little slow, but the time window is larger. This would make it easier to take advantage of opponents. Some techniques can be combined together into a threesome by repeatedly pressing the respective key.

Sora will be there soon.

His standard attack is fast but has little offensive power. The powerful attack is slower from both sides, but strikes deeper. With standard air attack, you can keep your opponents at a good distance, forward air attack is ideally suited to take your opponents off the stage.

Moreover, three different types of magic can be used (fire, lightning, ice). Once magic is used, the next figure in the sequence always comes. You can see any of the following on the small screen above the character at the bottom of the screen. At the same time, Sora has a counterattack similar to the one from the first game.

Sora also brings different outfits to fight and you can expect him to match spirits. The new stage is Hollow Bastion and of course there are also Battlefield and Omega versions. Many other KH characters can also change and appear.

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At the same time, the final Mii costumes for the game have been confirmed. These are Octoling (wig), Judd (hat) and Doom Slayer! They will also be available from October 19, 2021 and cost 80 cents each.


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