Home Tech Get 4GB of free data today to win Germany

Get 4GB of free data today to win Germany

Get 4GB of free data today to win Germany

The European Football Championship started a year late and Telekom not only broadcasts games and offers a lot of additional coverage, but also started a procedure where you can get free data volume. Germany easily managed its first win and that is why there is a free data volume of the day.

Telekom: 1 GB data volume per EM target in Germany

Update from June 10, 2021: Germany beat Portugal 4-2. Because of that Telekom gives you 4 GB of data for 4 goals. You can get it in the MeinMagenta app or Pass. telekom.de. There I got 4 GB as a Mobilcom Debitel customer with Telekom tariff. So if you are navigating the Telekom network and not directly in Telekom, you can also receive 4 GB of data volume.


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UEFA EURO 2020 starts on June 11, 2021 with a one-year delay and continues until July 11, 2021. Even if the name is UEFA EURO 2020 I got angry at first, it’s the European Football Championship in 2021. Of course, Telecom exists and has itself I thought of a nice job. When the German national football team scores a goal, there is 1 GB of data for free. This applies to every hit taken in normal time. If there is extra time or penalties, there is nothing extra.

Germany’s first match against France will be on June 15, 2021 at 9:00 PM.. Definitely a tough match that our national team has to play from the start. After the match, hoping for a few goals for Germany You can go to the MeinMagenta app and pick up the free data volume. This is used for the first time before the volume of data in the contract is used. Unfortunately, Telekom did not specify exactly whether the promotion also applies to prepaid customers. If you look at previous campaigns, you will always find prepaid customers there.

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In this Video We show how you can find out if a cell phone tariff is good:

Telekom plans an intensive EM . program

If you want to follow the European Championship, you can do so via MagentaTV Act. From June 11 there will be Stream all 51 games in Ultra HD. Vice World Champion and European Champion Michael Ballack and European Champion Freddy Bobic are available as experts. The well-known coordinator, Johannes B. Kerner created a large team accompanying the report.


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