Home Tech New heroine Sojourn was introduced in the first gameplay trailer

New heroine Sojourn was introduced in the first gameplay trailer

New heroine Sojourn was introduced in the first gameplay trailer

Although the “Overwatch 2” shooting hero is still coming for a long time, Blizzard Entertainment has presented the first videos of the new heroine Sojourn. Among other things, you can take a look at the gameplay.

Overwatch 2: Sojourn's new heroine was introduced in the game's first trailer

At the end of the month, PC players will have the first chance to test the upcoming shooter ‘Overwatch 2’ as part of a closed beta. You will also be able to play the new heroine Sojourn.

With the power of the electromagnetic cannon!

Now the first trailers have been released as well, showing us Sojourn in action. I became abusive character Electromagnetic cannon is used. She can also use the Power Slide to rush across the battlefield quickly, a good target jump will also push her higher into the air. But the Railgun also has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Primary fire includes fast projectiles that gather energy on hit to fire secondary fire. This also allows you to fire a particularly powerful shot. Above all, player accuracy is rewarded. The more accurate the shooting, the more powerful Sojourn in the end. You can also use the “Disruptor Shot” to perform an AoE attack that traps enemies and drains their life energy. In addition, the attack can increase the effectiveness of the electromagnetic cannon.

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Finally, its “Overclock” will also be promoting the electromagnetic cannon. Namely, it will automatically charge the energy of the electromagnetic cannon for a short time and make its shots penetrate. To get an impression of Sojourn and his background story, you should take a look at the two new trailers.

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