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Status: 04/16/2022 08:00 AM

The union ver.di wants to implement standards for employees of furniture retailer IKEA in digitizing work. A rally is planned in Braunschweig along with the strike.

Ver.di complains that during the pandemic, work procedures have been digitized “at a rapid pace”. However, digitization should work with the company’s employees, not against them. According to trade union secretary Eberhard Buschboom Helmke, minimum standards are needed. With the strike, Verdi wants to stress the demand for a nationwide collective agreement to secure the future. The union also talks about a “collective agreement for digitization”. The branch in Braunschweig had already gone on strike in March.

Gathering in Braunschweig in the morning

According to Verdi, it is important, among other things, that employees at IKEA are entitled to the qualifications. The federation also calls for people to be involved in the processes of change and for “measures to promote health”. According to Verdi, IKEA is refusing to negotiate a collective agreement for nationwide digitization.

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Sites in Hanover, Grossbergwedel, Braunschweig and Osnabrück were affected. Branches are still open. (09/21/2021) more

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