A Long Ordeal: Charlene's Desperate Struggle for Admission to Fürstenhof

But Charlene could not even please Monaco by creating a family. Quotes “She is normal” daily monster Lives in Monaco. But “at least she has proven that she can have children.” Christa Mayrhofer Ducor is also sure that Albert loves his wife only because she bore him a son.

The struggle for recognition and the pursuit of children together is said to have severely affected Charlene. According to sources, in the past three years before the birth of her children, she became increasingly depressed because she had not yet given birth to Albert. After giving birth, I was relieved that the ordeal was finally over. But until then, Charlene is said to have a deep desire to leave Monaco.

“She doesn’t suddenly expect to find a warm welcome in Monaco society, but does believe that once she’s born – especially if it’s a son – she will be more free to go out and do her own thing,” an insider told the time. She made no secret but that she would rather go back to South Africa, London, Paris or anywhere other than Monaco.

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