Home entertainment The magic of the original text may not have been achieved.

The magic of the original text may not have been achieved.

The magic of the original text may not have been achieved.
May we introduce: This is the new Cinderella from Norway, pop star Astrid S.

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No birthday on TV without “Three Nuts for Cinderella”. Now there is a remake of the classic movie. We asked adorable fan Catherine Maybach what she thinks of it.

For many, the classic fairy tale with Libuse Safrankova and Pavel Travnicek from 1973 is part of the Christmas tradition.

Now the original is getting a younger rivalry from the Far North, with Norwegian pop singer Astrid S as the new Cinderella.

Good idea or nonsense? The Norwegian production published its first trailer. We have it with Katherine Maybach, operator of the fan site «3hfa» I asked her what she thinks of the new version. Kathryn Maybach: “The trailer shows that ‘Three Nuts for Cinderella’ isn’t ‘reworked,’ but reinterpreted — it happens all the time in the art world. There’s nothing wrong with this.”

Kind words at first sight. Maybach said twice: “I think both films are independent works – at least that’s what I wish for Askepott (Cinderella in Norwegian). But the magic of the original probably didn’t materialize when I watched the trailer that way.”

The first photos of the “Three Nuts of Cinderella” recordings in Norway. Unfortunately in Norwegian.

YouTube / mfhomepage

In an interview with the director of the new version, Maybach read that they wanted to make the characters more feminine. Maybach: “I see no reason for that. If the female characters in the 1973 original weren’t feminist, who are they?”

The new Cinderella is called Astrid Semiplas. In 2013, the 24-year-old won the talent show “Pop Idol” in Norway.

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The classic fairy tale will be shown in cinemas in Norway on November 12. It is not known if the new version will also be shown in Swiss cinemas.


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