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What secrets do the Love Island stars carry with them? A new season of the popular dome show kicks off next Monday, and the top nominees are already known. So I would too Sandrine From Stuttgart he will find the perfect partner for island life, or at least take home some courtship experiences with them. Does your family agree with that? Sandrine’s cousins ​​and her father are no strangers.

The law student is the cousin of Freiburg professional footballers Kevin and Nico Schlutterbeek. Her father, Nils Schlutterbeek, must also be known to many football fans. He already played in the German Bundesliga for Stuttgart, Duisburg and Rostock in the 1990s. And what does the former athlete think of his daughter’s television journey? “That’s her thing and she’s big enough. I’ve thought about it carefully. I’m an open person and I don’t have any issues with that.”confirms picture.

Her two cousins ​​also think it’s cool to see Sandrine on ‘Love Island’ starting Monday. But she takes no advice from either of them: “I didn’t get any advice from Nico and Kevin about how to deal with the media or find a guy.”

Nico Schlutterbeek in March 2022 for SC Freiburg
Love Island – Candidatine Sandrine
Professional kicker Kevin Schlutterbeek
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