Do antiperspirants increase the risk of breast cancer? While this question has sparked and divided the scientific community in recent years, a new study led by Swiss researchers from the Fondation des Grangettes, the Hirslanden Center for Oncology and Hematology at the Grangettes Clinic, and the University of Oxford, was published in September in the journal International Journal of Molecular SciencesWarning against deodorants containing aluminum salts and an increased risk of breast cancer.

“The research that has been done makes it possible to show that aluminum alters the DNA of cells in ways equivalent to those of recognized carcinogens and thus confirms its ability to cause cancer,” says Fondation des Grangettes at statment. Undoubtedly, in recent years, many people have chosen to say goodbye to these effective antiperspirants, preferring more natural and healthier formulations for the body.

Is this your condition? Have you decided to stop using deodorants that contain aluminum salts? When did you start making this change? Was this motivated by fear of an increased risk of breast cancer? What kind of deodorant would you choose instead (brand, homemade…)? Have you found a natural deodorant effective in preventing excessive sweating and unpleasant odors? Was the transition quick and efficient? Tell us.

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