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Covid-19 epidemic in Francea file

According to a government spokesperson, a study showing at least 20% of households closed due to understaffing would concern only a few AP-HP establishments.

One in five closed beds in large public hospitals? The situation is more complicated than it seems. This is the interpretation, at the moment, fragmented, given Wednesday by government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, a few hours after the revelation. launch The results of a quick poll led by the President of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy.

At least 20% of the beds available on paper in CHU and CHR units in France will currently be closed, as there are no longer enough caregivers to make them all work. Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, who also chairs the National Advisory Committee on Ethics (CCNE), together with some of its members and CHU’s logistics managers, conducted a survey in early October, and contacted various stakeholders to conduct a survey. “momentary point” On the number of closed family.

This 20% figure comes from a survey of the condition of some AP-HP hospitals, Gabriel Atal was taken into account this afternoon during the report of the Council of Ministers and the last Health Defense Council. There are already tensions in human resources in some organizations and there is also an impact of Covid activity.” in hospitals. Since 2020, some double rooms have been allocated to a single Covid patient in hopes of curbing the epidemic, for example. “We launched a survey of all health institutions to determine this situation,” he addedSpokesperson added. Its work is underway, and the numbers will be announced soon.”

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27,000 beds removed since 2013

The case mentioned in the opinion Scientific Council October 5 It will be of critical importance that in 2020, 5,800 beds are already closed for “hospital treatment,” according to a report from Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES), was published in September. The same study reports that since 2013, at least 27,000 beds have been ingested across France.

Today there are about 387,000, but not all of them can be operated due to lack of staff. A symbol of this tense and special moment: due on Wednesday, the entry into force of the long-awaited cap on temporary doctors’ wages (paid at much higher rates than incumbents) has been postponed in the face of the risk of the latter’s flight, thus exacerbating the phenomenon of family closures.


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