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Japan: Princess Mako marries a middle-class man – and she’s now drawn to the US

Japanese Princess Mako and her bourgeois husband Kei Komuro tied the knot without any major celebrations. This has some consequences for Mako.

Japan – a light green dress, a bouquet of pink flowers, hair in a bun, a necklace of delicate pearls. The wedding of the Japanese princess Mako was very frugal – the usual ceremony was dispensed with traditional rituals. In a simple bureaucratic act, Princess Mako tied the knot with her bourgeois childhood sweetheart Kei Komuro. The two had to wait a long time for this moment. Time and time again, love was met with resistance and rejection – criticism continues to this day.

Princess Mako and Komuro Kei: A touching love story

Mako, daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito von Akishino and niece of Japanese Emperor Naruhito, has long known 30-year-old Kei Komuro. In 2012 the two met at the university in Tokyo, and in 2018 they actually wanted to get married. But: the wedding failed.

Information appeared about the Komuro family that did not suit the Japanese imperial family – so the wedding was canceled. Spatial separation – Komuro studied law in the United States – should end the love between the two. But the plan did not work. The 30-year-old princess triumphed and got her father’s blessing and approval.

Japanese Princess Mako says yes to her husband.

© Pool SIPA / dpa / Nicolas Datiche

Mako Komuro is no longer a princess

The couple faced negative criticism for years. From your family, from the press and from the population. According to the Japan Patio Bureau, this constant stress caused PTSD in Mako. In a press release, she expressed her concerns: “For some reason, the misinformation was treated as unequivocal facts – and I was afraid of how these baseless stories would spread.”

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Now the two are finally able to prove themselves against any criticism from outside as husband and wife. By marrying a commoner, Mako left the imperial house and was no longer a princess. In addition, the young woman waives the dowry of one million euros.

“Makxit”: Mako and Kei Komuro are attracted to the United States

Kei Komuro now works for a law firm in New York. His wife Mako will now move to live with him in the United States. There she would be able to live a free life far from the ancient rituals and restrictive rules of the Imperial Palace. The move is very reminiscent of Meghan and Harry, who separated from the British royal family at the beginning of the year and are now living in America.

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