The seventh show

I danced for this couple Let’s Dance! Tonight’s show is the seventh show of this year’s dance competition on television. Unlike previous programs, this time the dancing couples had to perform not just one dance, but two dance rehearsals. But not all eight celebrities managed to convince the jury and viewers: For these two, the “Dancing Star 2022” dream has taken off!

Princess Bucher (29) and Massimo Senato (41) as well as Mike Singer (22) and Christina Luft (32) had to shiver at first. Timur Ulker (32) and Malika Dzumayev were less convincing: The representative of GZSZ and the original Russian received 19 points from the jury for the Viennese Waltz. Combined with the fewest number of viewer calls, this meant her expulsion.

On the other hand, things went better for Janin Ullmann (40) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (34) as well as René Casselly and Kathrin Menzinger (33). Both the presenter and the circus performer had the best performance with their dance partners. Both duo received full marks and a standing ovation from the jury.

All episodes of “Let’s Dance” in RTL +.

Christina Luft and Mike Singer in “Let’s Dance” 2022
Princess Boucher and Massimo Senato in April 2022
Janin Ullmann and Zsolt Sándor Cseke bei “Let’s Dance”
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