Home entertainment A second surprise kiss on “The Bachelorette” – this changes everything!

A second surprise kiss on “The Bachelorette” – this changes everything!

A second surprise kiss on “The Bachelorette” – this changes everything!


Another surprise kiss in

Last Wednesday was so far with “The Bachelorette” in Maxime’s Episode 4: Candidate Julian dared to step in and got the first kiss. While things have gone more badly than right, in Episode 5, the next candidate seizes the opportunity and could simply change everything.

“The Bachelorette”: does Maxim’s kiss convince?

Obviously, the decision between the remaining men is difficult for Maxim on “The Bachelorette”. But above all, candidate Julian did it before the first kiss. Only if he didn’t keep her feeling insecure and made her feel that he could even take part in a dating show for fame. A rogue thinks bad 😉 So everything is still very open to the other candidates remaining, and above all, special actions and words can change the mind of a bachelorette. One of the candidates in particular seems to be familiar with this in Episode 5 which is why he put everything in one card.

+++ Warning, spoiler warning! +++

In the next episode, the history marathon will go to the next round. Having first dared to have a clarifying conversation with Julian at the men’s villa and then not quite as sure as before, she invited two of her current favorites on a date: Dominic and Zico. Together they soar to the top for paragliding and the subsequent triple history of the beach. Zico, who overcame his fear of heights with Maxim, manages to score with it and receives a rose before Rose Night and in front of Dominic’s eyes allows him to go home. Dominic was not given this honor, but he is allowed to spend a romantic evening alone with Maxim. Not the worst consolation prize – especially if you really care about it.

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The two meet together in their villa and spend a relaxing evening with wine, desserts and in-depth conversations. The Bavarian repeatedly praises her and does not hide the fact that he really wants to get to know her better. Unlike Julian, who seems to be building a wall around himself, much to Maxim’s dismay, revealing in her eyes very little about himself and his true intentions. And that’s exactly where Dominic hits the right note. He dares to approach her with shining eyes, before he finally tells her in a friendly way that he would like to kiss her and asks if that’s okay. Oh my God how can you be so nice please? As for Maxime, that’s totally fine and they both kiss tightly before Maxime pulls out with a beaming smile. Well, that can work in stealth and by mutual agreement.

Maxim feels a click in the air

Even without the off-screen influencer declaring that the kiss was cute and appropriate, you can definitely see her satisfaction with her. And Dominic couldn’t be happier, either. But unlike some of the other ego candidates, he still doesn’t expect much from him and goes to the next night of roses with humility and hope – very elegant! But is this really enough?

You can see if he really got a rose and if the kiss will be well remembered next Wednesday at 8:15pm on RTL or earlier on TVNOW.

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