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Fans will never be able to see it that way …

Movie star Matthias Schweighofer (40) is a great dad here! He threw a real mermaid party for his 12 year old daughter Greta. What shouldn’t be missing? Special costumes!

So bring the pink wig. As is known, the actor likes to slide into different roles a lot; The mermaid makes his daughter especially happy.

The 12-year-old celebrated her birthday at the weekend and was surprised by a fairytale underwater world.

Matias keeps his kids Greta and son Valentine (6) out of the spotlight, which is why the shots are really rare. The children are descended from Schweigover’s relationship with assistant director Annie Schrom (47). The couple separated in late 2018.

Father and daughter: Matthias holding Greta's hand here

Father and daughter: Matthias holding Greta’s hand here Photo: @ rubyofee / Instagram

What a dream cake!  Greta got a real mermaid cake

What a dream cake! Greta got a real mermaid cakePhoto: @ rubyofee / Instagram

Matthias’ girlfriend Robbie Uvey (25) was there, too. The two have been a couple for about two years and announced their love in early 2019. Ruby also greets her followers with pink hair – and silver rhinestones on her face.

She posted some quotes from her birthday on Instagram. And on it you can see how the decor was grainy and detailed.

Of course, pink cotton candy was a must, too

Of course, pink cotton candy was a must, tooPhoto: @ rubyofee / Instagram

Ruby preferred to nibble on cake pop

Ruby preferred to nibble on cake popPhoto: @ rubyofee / Instagram

Greta has an adorable mermaid cake with fins, shells and starfish. There were silver helium balloons and a cotton candy machine with shiny edible dust. Ruby chose to nibble on a stick. The Christmas table is also set according to the motto.

In the best weather, there was a little father-daughter dance on top of it. Ruby posted a short video about Matthias and Greta. Holding hands, they swing from right to left and let the wigs shine in the sunlight.

Simply magic!

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