Paolo Conte – Get away with me. Through “Paolo Conte – Via con me”, director Giorgio Verdelli was able to get close to the great jazz musician and singer Paolo Conte through his music – and through many conversations with his companions and fans, including big stars such as Isabella Rossellini and Roberto Benigni. Their reflections are intertwined with archive and concert recordings from the past 30 years. The result is a polyphonic portrait of an old man with a noisy voice, who is one of Italy’s most influential musicians and works outside the narrow confines of the jazz genre. The film celebrates him as a master of his profession.

please wait. Moldovan director Pavel Kuzuyuk, who lives in Vienna, makes communication a problem in his new work “Please Wait.” Telecommunication technicians in Eastern Europe follow in this field. They patiently connect cables, test phones, and connect modems. Discussions develop around politics, fishing, and the state of the world with a wide range of clients. A little icon is slowly emerging about the dialogue between people and society in general.

small world. Director Patrick Vega does not show it in “Small World” – because the world that the heroes of his thriller face is not small. When the first four-year-old girl was kidnapped by the Russian mafia in Poland, her mother rushed to the border, where she was stopped by police officer Robert Juke (Alexey Serebryakov) for excessive speed – thus preventing Ola from crossing the border rescue. Robert feels guilty and becomes part of an international team of detectives until he can shoulder his burden. Years later, the now matured trace of Ola (Julia Winyawa-Narkevich) appears.

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