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At A1 on Wednesday morning, the refrigerated truck went without a brake on an almost dangerous freight machine. The crash happened in the Bremen direction just before Oyden at the end of a traffic jam.

The wrecked cart of a lorry is on a highway.  Ord North-West-Media TV

The truck’s cart and engine were torn as a result of the impact of the block. The seriously injured driver freed himself. (Photo: North-West Media TV)

The refrigerator truck driver was seriously injured in the crash. According to police, he freed himself from the wrecked vehicle completely. The 39-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital. The force of the impact of the unloaded truck’s carriage and engine block was torn. First responders extinguished the burning fire of the demolished engine block.

Special forces recover dangerous items

The driver of the dangerous truck involved was not injured. However, due to the impact of the refrigerated truck, many transport containers containing titanium dioxide have exploded, which must be protected by emergency services in safety suits and with high respiratory safety. Property damage is estimated at a total of 150,000 euros. Cleaning work on A1 will continue until the afternoon. There are also traffic jams on alternate routes.

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