Joe Biden throws a party at the White House – the bar pulls up empty

In June, the world celebrates Pride Month. The US government under Joe Biden invited representatives of the LGBTQI community to the event – and witnessed something surprising.

“Pride Month” in June always means protests, parades and parties. Because LGBT rights should be mentioned as loudly as possible – and with the word “pride”. Because people of every sexual identity or orientation should be able to be proud of themselves and let them show it.

This is what happened in the White House. There, he invited US President Joe Biden to a garden party and exchanged views with representatives of the LGBTQI community. Along with his wife Jill, he spoke to the people, posed for photos, and delivered a speech at a lectern on the lawn of the official seat of the US government. “You are beautiful, you hear and you belong,” said the 80-year-old. He described those present as “some of the bravest and most inspiring”.

This included Rose Montoya, a model who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone. There may be more to come, as Montoya drew attention to himself with an action at the White House party. The 27-year-old exposed her breasts and posted a video of it on social media.

Naked facts in front of the White House: Rose Montoya showing off her breasts.
Naked facts in front of the White House: Rose Montoya showing off her breasts. (these: instagram/rosemontoya)

They took selfies together. In the clip, she exclaims, “Trans rights are human rights.” The post on Instagram also contains a caption about her motives. There she writes: “I was honored to attend the ‘Pride at the White House’ party, the largest party in history where the ‘Pride’ flag was flown for the first time.” This evokes in her “a fleeting joy,” according to Montoya.

In another video, she also points out that it is not illegal to wear a T-shirt in Washington, D.C. Apparently, her video went viral and prompted critical comments about her actions.


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