6 natural antibiotics that help fight the common cold

Tired of the hassle of swallowing pills and regular antibiotic treatments? Now you can successfully fight your infections with these 6 natural antibiotics Cold:

1. Nasturtium

According to the news portal rp-online.de, this flower contains natural antibiotics. However, the plant is less known, which is why it is often described. Especially in the winter months, nasturtium can be used preventively against influenza infections and respiratory diseases.

2. Onion:

Onions are avoided by many because their smell is very strong. However, their antibiotic agents are very effective. According to rp-online.de, these would inhibit the growth of microorganisms. The reason for this is the active ingredient alliin, which is similar to its relative penicillin. But even with a middle ear infection, which often accompanies a cold, even a doctor now and then prescribes an onion wrap to the ear to quickly relieve pain without taking unnecessary pills.

3. Miracle Honey:

Can honey heal? In fact, this honey can! Propolis is made from bees, which has an antiviral effect. Since honey also has the function of inhibiting germs, it is also used in medicine to treat wounds. By the way, honey is particularly effective for diseases of the mouth and throat, according to rp-online.de

4. Garlic:

Garlic is a wonder of nature as an antibiotic as onions. Here too, as with onions, allicin has an antibiotic effect and repels germs and fungi. When you have a cold, it is best to squeeze garlic and gargle with the juice several times a day.

5. Thyme:

Every hobby cook knows this, but the herb is not only used in the kitchen: thyme extracts are often not included in cough medicines for nothing, rp-online.de explains. Because: Thyme has an excellent effect against respiratory infections. This herb is particularly effective against coughs.

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6. Eucalyptus:

Is camphor only for koalas? impossible! Camphor oil contains many important essential oils, which are particularly helpful in respiratory infections. According to Vital.de, if you don’t have access to eucalyptus, you can also use myrtle, as it has a similar effect.


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