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Tesla Model S plaid must create underwater travel> teslamag.de

Tesla Model S plaid must create underwater travel data-lazy-src=

Chillin’ with Chet’s YouTube channel manager announced the campaign as a “global sensation” — and now he’s already beginning his first attempt at driving his nearly new, fully embossed Tesla Model S underwater. Despite extensive preparations, it didn’t quite work out, as the video shows, and at the end of the water ride Chet got really nervous. But in the end he was determined to carry out his plan with Tesla as a mobile submarine.

Tesla in the depths of the water

The plan sounds crazy and was created against the background of several other videos that show people walking through flooded streets in a Tesla. CEO Elon Musk has taken a stand every now and then and said Teslas can swim for a short while and get propulsion from spinners in the process. However, he advised against trying this, as it can not only be dangerous, but also cause expensive and long-term damage to the electrical system.

Chet is aware of these dangers but does not deter him. To reduce risks, his Model S has been pre-stamped by specialists from the independent Tesla workshop Gruber Motors. In addition, the YouTuber does not want to swim, he wants to drive. So it puts up to 2,000 kilograms extra weight in the electric vehicle. Connected by radio to the assistants, he then drives into a long pit lined with plastic sheets, which was previously filled with water. The Tesla is also attached for safety, that is, tow ropes at the front and rear so that it can be pulled if necessary.

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As the video shows, both the Model S and YouTuber survived this attempt relatively unscathed — but it doesn’t go according to plan. Chet drives down the slope in the middle of the water, and then the Tesla can be seen at a greater depth than it was before. But the overburdened electric car does not sink to the ground. But there is still progress — driving through the freely spinning wheels, as Musk mentioned, seems to work. However, in the midst of warning tones, Chet quickly becomes nervous and tells over the radio to prepare to rush forward. It is also mentioned that a lot of water penetrates inside.

Model S is still driving after a full shower

“Pull hard, pull hard, carry on,” commands the YouTuber, while the Tesla is stuck like a ship with a clear slate in the water, and in fact, his embossed Tesla is quickly stuck only with the stern inside, while he is already in the dry at the end of the hole standing. After that, the knot on the tow rope is torn off. At first, in this case, it is not possible to use the front gear, which creates a moment of anxiety. But then it works. The Tesla Model S plaid moves up the ramp on its own after a full bath.

Not too disappointed, Chet explains, while the Tesla was on a truck to dry – two days later, water could still be drawn from the trunk. The Model S is still working, and for a YouTuber, that means he’ll be swimming again. “I will finish this damn thing,” he promises. He plans more weight for the next try. One interesting tip on this topic in the YouTube comments was to fill tires with water instead of air.

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