Mystery about the environmental reward: Customers are reluctant to buy electric cars

Central Association of German Automobile Trade (ZDK)

Mystery about the environmental reward: Customers are reluctant to buy electric cars

Hamburg (OTS)

Continued lack of clarity regarding the promotion of electronic vehicles after December 31, 2022 is worrying potential customers. This is shown by the results of a quick survey conducted by the Central Association of German Automobile Trade (ZDK) from May 31 to June 7 among car dealerships in Germany.

From January to May 2022, 43% of those interested in pure battery electric vehicles (BEV) and 45% of those interested in plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) decided not to purchase. 23% of those interested in BEVs and 24% of those interested in PHEVs chose a different type of engine. The reasons for this were the uncertain architecture of the environmental reward and uncertain delivery times.

On the topic of delivery times, the surveyed companies reported that among current customer orders for pure battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), 56% are likely to be battery electric vehicles and 63% vehicle Rechargeable Hybrid Electric (PHEV) on average delivered this year. Next year 2023, it will likely be 40% of the required BEV and 32% of the required PHEV. The rest (4% BEV and 5% PHEV) won’t reach customers until 2024.

“These results clearly show that the design of financing guidelines has a significant impact on car dealerships that have direct customer contact,” said ZDK President Karpinski. “Because it is the merchants who advise customers on financing terms, support them in the application and provide the necessary documents to submit the application.”

So he renewed his criticism of the project of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) for a new regulation of environmental reward, which from the point of view of the ZDK is going in the wrong direction. “Instead of the vehicle order date being critical to requesting the subsidy, as we have been claiming for a long time, the vehicle’s registration date should remain the same as before. With long delivery times, neither customers nor dealers have the security of planning.” The same applies to the moratorium. It is planned to fund additional hybrid vehicles from January 1, 2023. According to the BMWK draft, financing a PHEV based on electric driving performance will result in disproportionately high costs. “Here one wonders why the low-threshold entry in electric mobility should be included in the index for reasons of bureaucratic convenience. Because it is naive to think that PHEV stakeholders are now making a collective decision in favor of only battery electric vehicles,” says Jürgen Karpinski.

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In March, ZDK provided the Federal Minister for the Economy with a 12-page statement with detailed proposals for redesigning the environmental bonus. “There is still time to consider these suggestions – for the benefit of the environment, but also for the benefit of potential customers, and last but not least for the benefit of car dealers, who are in daily contact with customers.

We therefore urgently call on responsible politicians to take these important aspects into account in the coordination of departments,” said the head of the ZDK.

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