Irene Shearer: She did not have a stroke – she had this rare disease – news

In January, singer Irene Sheer was hospitalized with a suspected stroke. A few weeks later, doctors discovered the cause of his unusual illness.

In January, news circulated about it Irene Shearer Was admitted to the hospital. The 72-year-old singer is suspected of having a stroke. At the time, her husband, Klaus-Jன்rgen, told Bildt: “A few days ago, Irene’s eye was suddenly swollen, she looked at everything twice, had a headache, and I took her to the clinic.”

Irene Shearer explains what happened to her

The composer is doing better now. She has no stroke, but a completely different disease. In an interview with “Volle Kanne” on ZDF, he talked about his recovery. Her friend, a fracture doctor, is said to have helped her. When she woke up at that time, her husband compared her to Carl Doll. “I was in the hospital for eleven days and they turned me on my head. The doctors sent me to Frankfurt to a professor who specializes in the area behind the eyes. She knows I have. You are the fifth case I have received in 30 years ‘practice.’ I.e. sinus cavernosus, which is a small bone behind the eye that looks like a cavity where the nerve cords go. There’s an infection, “Irene Shearer said in an interview.

Seeing everything twice aside, only ten percent of her gaze remained. “One doctor said it could be that way. It was shocking,” Sheer said. At first she thought she could only perform with the mirror – “I am the second Hyno”. But almost six months after the incident, she is sitting happily in the TV studio, not to mention that she has recently fallen ill.

Irene Sheer bids farewell to the big stage

On January 14, 2022, Irene Shearer’s last album “Auf Wiedersehn – Goodbye” was released. The singer plans to retire from her active music career later this year and enjoy time with her family. She was married to singer Gavin Du Porter for 24 years before they split in 2000. She has been married to her manager Klaus-Jrgen Morning since August 2010, but they have been in a relationship for a long time.

In 2002 – at the age of 53 – Irene Sheer talked about her desire to be a mother. So far the focus has been on business. But the desire to have children was not fulfilled – even though she married her husband and became a stepmother and grandmother.


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