During the short winter break 1. FC Köln had some excitement. After all, at the start of the second half of the season at Herta BSc the question was who Stephen Palmcord would score: the original Cologne Timo Horn or Marvin Schwanke, who eventually represented him exactly. The first half of the season. Baumgart decided Schwänke, half an hour later he must have thought to himself that he had made a good choice.

Schwabe was instrumental in getting the Cologne team off to a successful start to the new football year, while Hertha is reducing the growing Eboria. Half an hour later, the FC goalkeeper stumbled with his foot against the Mycenaean Mavolida who appeared in front of him – a minute later his team took a 1-0 lead, soon after it was tied at 2-0.

“It broke our necks a little bit,” said Lucas Glender, who celebrated his return for Hertha against his former club after a three-month injury break.

It was a bitter one. Glander and his team were 1: 3 (0: 2) in the end. Success, failure, success, failure: The Berlin Bundesliga Club is true to at least one thing – in its instability. So the table situation continues to be important. “We need to make sure we bring the ups and downs under control,” said coach Tayfun Gorkut.

The Cologne-based company is currently unaware of such problems. Advanced to the European Cup with a third consecutive victory. “We know how to categorize it. Let’s relax now,” Palmcord said when asked about international aspirations. “Some things we will not stop, but we will not talk about.”

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The classification of Eve’s success he mentions also includes the condition of Herta’s staff, although in the end it was not as bad as the medical bulletins recommended for the week. Compared to the 3-2 win over Borussia Dortmund shortly before Christmas, Isaac Belford, who was thrown by Davy Selke, was not the only one missing. Suat Serdar, who later received his fifth yellow card, replaced Jurgen Ekkelenkamp.

Hertha seems to have maintained the momentum of a surprise win against the table runner-up in the first half of the year. The hosts were initially the most outspoken team on the undoubtedly bad turf. Initially they had two promising shots: first, Mavolida moved narrowly from the half-right position, then Cologne captain Jonas Hector had a good mix in front of Marco Richter and saved after Celkay’s cross.

Hertha’s goalkeeper Alexander Svolo saved against Luis Shaw when Andrzej Duda headed home the ball past the post almost 20 minutes before Cologne’s attack was visible. Despite these opportunities, the lead for the guests was very lucky, especially considering the excellent opportunity Malita missed.

Hertha’s defense is so easy to surprise. Anthony Modestெ received a cross from Mark Udd 1-0. In your head, how else? This is Cologne’s twelfth header this season.

Cole Hertha hit the BSc hard

Hertha scored with full force. The team is not yet stable, they can take a low step without moving, shake themselves once and then move on. Corquit’s team is now fully on the roll and was happy to be only two goals behind at the break, not three or four goals. Only the strong Duda scored more. After a very short header defense by Hertha captain Nicholas Stark, the former Berliner pulled away from the penalty area and scored 2-0. Shvolov is not good at doing that.

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The 2500 Herta fans at the Olympic Stadium blew the whistle during the break and marched with their team, giving them cheering applause as they returned to the second half. Corkud initially decided not to change staff. A fourth officer, Alexander Chatterjee, was appointed to replace referee Tobias Steeler due to stress.

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Even with the new game management, nothing has changed so far. Hertha could not find a fort so no pressure could be created. It was even more exciting because of Vladimir Tarida’s free kick. It turned into a shot towards his side goal that could only be seen behind Swange and brought Herta to a 1: 2 lead after a good hour.

Another impetus for the attempt to turn things around came when an indirect free kick from Cologne ten meters away from the goal was deflected by Svolo with a terrifying reflex. After Stark’s hard and accurate back pass, he had to stop the ball with his hand. Coach Gorkud said of the final: “The team threw everything away. Today is not enough.” The last goal was scored by Cologne.


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