Home entertainment In stores in November: Megan’s children’s book appeared in German

In stores in November: Megan’s children’s book appeared in German

In stores in November: Megan’s children’s book appeared in German

In stores in November
Megan’s children’s book appears in German

A children’s picture book by Duchess Meghan has already been published in Great Britain and the USA – with somewhat mixed success. However, the “Our Bank” story will soon be launched in Germany as well.

The Duchess of Sussex’s children’s book in German will be published by cbj Verlag on 9 November 2021, as it is now known. In the publisher’s advertisement for Our Bank, it is a “modern picture book about the special bond between a father and a son, through a mother’s eyes.”

Inspired by her husband and son, the Duchess’ debut describes in a poignant way how the relationship between fathers and sons develops and grows, and shows us how diverse love can look and find expression in the modern family.

In the beginning there was a poem

Illustrations in “Our Bank” are from award-winning artist Christian Robinson. “Our bank started with a poem I wrote to my husband for Father’s Day, a month after Archie was born,” says Duchess Meghan of the book. “The story developed from this poem. Then Christian added his wonderful dream-like watercolors that embody happiness, warmth and comfort in the relationships between parents and sons from all walks of life – this diversity was especially important to me. (…) ”according to media reports American, Meghan’s husband, Prince Harry, and their two-year-old son, have appeared several times in Christian Robinson’s illustrations.

In the first few hours after its publication in the United Kingdom, the book garnered much attention, but praise mingled with much criticism. However, “The Bench” was ranked 40th on Amazon’s bestseller list. American readers were much more generous in their rating, but they only ended up in the 100th place there.

The Sussex family have been married since May 2018. A year later, their son Archie was born in London. In the spring of 2020, the couple resigned from all positions and duties as a high-ranking royal and moved to California, where daughter Lillipet was born on June 4.

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