NTT bietet Private 5G Platform

NTT offers the 5G Private Platform, the first NaaS (Network as a Service) platform for LTE/5G private networks available worldwide. Provides a platform for the end-to-end management and delivery of services with company-wide transparency.

the Private 5G platform NTT uses design thinking principles to combine security and “privacy by design” and enable performance and cost benefits with a rapid return on investment. The platform is based on a cloud-native architecture and can be provided via the cloud, on-premises or at the edge. By integrating solutions from leading network and software partners, companies can flexibly secure, scale, and segment their networks. NTT’s 5G proprietary platform allows companies to use the benefits of 5G private networks for critical business applications.

NTT’s vision for 5G Private Networks focuses on enhancing the digital transformation of businesses through cloud-based work and automation. NTT is focused on driving the global rollout of 5G private networks to meet the rapidly changing needs of businesses in various industries such as automotive, manufacturing, health, transportation, retail, unprecedented data interconnection, connectivity, and security and communications. NTT is the only provider that offers a global network, deep vertical expertise, and a comprehensive suite of application development and management functions.

Global companies are looking for a single solution for private 5G networks that they can roll out in different countries. You need a true private network, a responsibility area, a management platform and a solution partner that can handle all the major challenges of a global presence,” explains Shahid Ahmed, Executive Vice President of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT Ltd. “NTT’s 5G Private provides support for the requirements of CXOs from the start and contains A clear roadmap for the further development of innovative 5G solutions.”

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NTT DATA, a subsidiary of NTT Group that drives offerings for private 5G networks, provides open virtual 5G solutions for B2B and B2B2X to support the corporate digital experience in collaboration with telecom providers, but also independently. This comprehensive approach enables NTT Group to deliver real added value to companies.

“5G proprietary network technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the way companies drive digital transformation,” said Ghassan Abdo, Vice President of Research at IDC. NTT has a proven track record of providing a wide range of services. NTT’s proprietary 5G platform capabilities go beyond basic connectivity to provide a comprehensive suite of services geared toward delivering critical business outcomes.”

“Big data and mobility are becoming more and more important to successful business operations, which is why 5G is the top choice for critical operations. The 5G network combines data protection, security, performance, and stability with an expanded set of functions and licenses for a dedicated frequency band. With extremely high speeds and the ability to process more From real-time data, 5G technology will enable advances in the areas of artificial intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things,” adds Kay Grunowitz, CEO of NTT Ltd. In Germany. Due to favorable frame conditions, there are many early users of private 5G networks in Europe, including Germany. NTT is in an ideal position to accompany our customers on this path.”


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