Home entertainment RTL presenter Lola Webert got cheated on by a friend

RTL presenter Lola Webert got cheated on by a friend

RTL presenter Lola Webert got cheated on by a friend
According to Lola Weippert, cheaters don't deserve a second chance.

According to Lola Weippert, cheaters don’t deserve a second chance. Build: Imago Pictures / Imago Pictures

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Loyalty is the most important asset in a monogamous relationship. However, the results of the partner elite study showed that there is a wide gap between desire and reality. As part of the study, nearly 5,600 Germans were asked about loyalty behaviour. The result: Every third woman (31%) and a good man in every fourth (27%) in the 2020 survey reported that they were unfaithful in an exclusive relationship.

The slander puts the trust of the cheating partner on the line. Lola Webert knows that, too. In an Instagram Q&A session, the 25-year-old revealed That she was cheated on by an ex-partner – and gave her followers important advice.

Lola Webert talks about a massive breach of trust

They say “only goulash tastes good and warms up”. Or: “Let the furnace in which a great love burn once so bright.” You can call that clever, cowardly, cautious, or wrong. For Lola, this is all about self-protection.

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“When you get hurt, how often do you forgive and give a second chance?” A follower wanted to know who the moderator was. For Lola, the answer was straightforward:

“If I was cheated – and unfortunately this happened to me too – looking back I certainly wouldn’t give her a second chance.”

She made it clear that she could not rebuild trust that had been destroyed. The presenter also explained that trust is the basis of every relationship. So she advised her followers: “Don’t waste your time and energy and end the relationship. The man is not worth it!” Instead, one must realize one’s worth and learn to love oneself, even if it seems difficult after having an affair.

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Lola Webert: What’s the status of your relationship?

Lola is currently single. In August last year, she confirmed the separation from her boyfriend Flo, whom she met at the 2019 contest. At the time, she shared to her fans: “I don’t want to communicate the reason, it’s very private. Please do me a great favor and don’t ask any more questions, neither with Flo nor with me.”

Perhaps it can be excluded that it was the partner who cheated on Lola. She explained in a statement at the time: “We are no longer a married couple. We have parted on good terms!”



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