Home entertainment “Well-Polished Talking Dolls”: “Traumschiff” stars criticize their own series

“Well-Polished Talking Dolls”: “Traumschiff” stars criticize their own series

“Well-Polished Talking Dolls”: “Traumschiff” stars criticize their own series

Well-Styled Talking Dolls
“Traumschiff” stars criticize their own series

ZDF series’ cult style “Das Traumschiff” has been under increasing criticism from viewers recently. But even the actors themselves are frustrated. After Captain Florian Selberizen, Cruise Director Harald Schmidt has now found clear words for it.

Despite high Easter ratings (6.25 million viewers), Das Traumschiff has been criticized online. Recently, fans have mainly criticized the style of the cult series. But the audience is clearly not alone with their feelings. Some of the series’ actors are now speaking publicly to express their outrage at the ZDF format.

Perhaps Harald Schmidt, who played cruise director Oscar Shepherl for 13 years, might find the clearest words to express his frustration with the texts. “I really found the stories incredibly funny,” he quipped to the Bild newspaper. “But it is important that you pronounce the texts while the ship’s cook pushes it from under the cabin door at night.”

But the 63-year-old also criticizes the poor performances of guest actors in past episodes. How might that change in the future? “Actors are suddenly appearing in roles instead of well-designed talking puppets who are traveling on social media,” the Bild newspaper quoted the cabaret artist as saying.

Scripts totally gaga

Schmidt is known for his taboo dealings with people, but he doesn’t seem entirely wrong: The Ship of Dreams recently attacked guests such as former BVB goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller, crystal heir Victoria Swarovski, singer Sarah Lombardi and model Alina Odeh Gerber. Schmidt even agrees with the latter: β€œIt is noticeable that the influential parts previously occupied by actors are now taking on a role in several large productions,” says the 31-year-old. Comedian Luke Mockridge is soon to star in an episode.

But also with Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, who since Easter has played the role of Dr. Jessica Delgado is a permanent part of the crew of “Traumschiff”, many fans of the series can’t do anything. She said on Twitter that the former Viva presenter as a doctor “somehow can’t be taken seriously”. β€œI think there is hardly anyone less comfortable with a doctor’s career than Colin Fernandez,” Another user wrote on Twitter.

Pop star Florian Selbirisen, who has played captain “Traumschiff” Max Parger since 2019, was the first actor in the series to face criticism from the audience on Tuesday. The 39-year-old told Bild that he could partially understand that. “Yes, of course the texts are completely gaga.” He would like to see “more amazing and funny stories” in the future, but he remains optimistic. But a little gaga can be funny, too. Wait a minute, with a little bit of humor we hope they really become a cult in the next few episodes.

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