'Goodbye Germany' star Chris Touberwin: He broke up with Lily - and rehired again!

Sometimes it happens quickly. With “Goodbye Germany” star Chris Tabroyan (47) too fast to keep up. The state of things (known to date) was actually that he’s happy in a relationship with Austrian Magalie “Lili” Berghahn, she’s even engaged! But this is clearly yesterday’s news, “Currywurstmann,” as he sometimes called himself, has new news.

With Chris, diversity is also the order of the day. In the video above, he put an end to his black beard and blue glasses and showed himself with a new look.

‘Goodbye Germany’ star Chris Tabroyan recently separated and lived in love

As reported by “promiflash.de”, Chris is no longer with Lily, but with a social media manager from Vienna. He assures the site himself: “Everything is still new and I’m very happy at the moment!” The reality star, who also starred in “Celebrities under the Palms,” met his new girlfriend through work. “We met each other by chance in my village.”

He also addresses the new relationship on his Instagram story. In a question and answer session, he confirms new love and doesn’t even rule out a wedding! When asked if she was the woman for life, he replied, “Let’s hope so.” Another fan asked if he wanted to get married in church: “Yes, of course,” Chris says. Will this be a new torch for him then? Will appear!

In the video below, Lily was still his sweetheart. At that time, the two first appeared together.

There’s a good reason no one has ever noticed anything from a previous breakup. Chris and his ex-partner simply did not want to discuss their love in public. “We broke up a few months ago, but together we decided not to make this a public issue.”

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What if his ex was excited that the breakup became public after all? He can’t be circumvented now that Chris has announced his new love. And who knows, maybe Lily will soon have a new guy on her side. Or enjoy your single life fully in the moment. Because this also has its advantages.


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