Foto: WWG Autowelt

WWG Autowelt: the best car dealership in the Ostalb . region

Photo: WWG Autowelt

According to a survey conducted by “Auto Bild”, WWG Autowelt in Schwäbisch Gmünd is the best Audi dealership in Baden-Württemberg and the best car dealership in the Ostalb region, with a score of 1.1.

Friday 08 April 2022
Benjamin Richter
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“An evaluation like this is always something special,” says Jürgen Eberle, general manager of WWG Autowelt, a partner at Schwäbisch Gmünd. Once again, WWG was among the best in the poll conducted by “Auto Bild”, one of Germany’s largest car magazines, with a score of 1.1. In the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Gmünder car dealership ranks first among Audi dealerships according to the “Auto Bild”, and no other car dealership in the Ostalb region can boast such a good rating among its customers.

Martin Kusatz, Head of Sales at WWG, sees 1.1 as an affirmation for the team, but also as a catalyst for the future. “Customer satisfaction and service is our goal. We work every day to meet our customers’ requirements, but of course ours too.”

Every year, “Auto Bild” starts a survey among car buyers who have bought a new car in the past three years to find out how satisfied they are with car dealerships. Car dealerships can also participate in the survey themselves.

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