Is it the turn of the best? HSV beat Paderborn. But the next potential problem is approaching: Two rumors about HSV transmission are causing turmoil at the club.

Hamburg – The past few weeks have been tough for him Tim Walter*. The coach was really successful Hamburger SV Not with his team in the second division. HSV footsteps right away – including big tantrums from the HSV coach. With the victory in Paderborn, things went somewhat better. Even a world-class club has congratulated the club on the HSV news. And a newcomer Tommy Doyle excited about his first goal at HSV*.

But after the game before the next game. And according to HSV news, there also appears to be a rumor before the next HSV transmission: In the The Hanseatic City of Hamburg* Fear about. The club loses Volkspark Stadium* Two players?

Football Manager: Jonas Boldt
Boy: January 19 1982, Nuremberg
Position at HSV: sports manager
Contract with HSV until: 30. June 2023

HSV transfer rumors: Contract until summer 2023 – these two players are the focus of other clubs

The basic answer to this question which is the subject of a more recent rumor about HSV transmission: It’s an entirely possible scenario. Much worse: Two players, of all people, who, with their solid match performance at SC Paderborn 07, made a major contribution to the fact that coach Tim Walter’s team was able to write HSV news about the 2-1 first-leg win ever. On the other hand, HSV’s best new rising talent Fred Aliido on the other hand Daniel Hoyer Fernandez*. This The HSV goalkeeper who recently wore the Germany jersey* wore.

HSV Athletic Club manager Jonas Boldt will have to extend two contracts – or let players move into competition for free. ( assembly)

© Steinach / imago & MIS / imago

Why the HSV transfer rumor about a possible departure of Hoyer Fernandez and Aledo is clear: the goalkeeper and talent both went to the club Hamburg Contract valid until June 30, 2022 only. If they don’t extend, competition in HSV can move and liberate second-tier players. So the long run for Jonas Boldt has begun: will he manage to write good HSV news with both players? Or will HSV transmission rumors become discarded?

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HSV transfer rumors: Here’s what sporting director Jonas Boldt says about possible departure in summer 2022

“I don’t feel like he’s nervous or that we’re nervous. We’re in a good exchange. He knows what’s inside of us,” HSV Sports Director Jonas Boldt said at the Hamburger Morgenpost about HSV goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandez, who is already the same Comment on HSV transmission rumors about his person*.

“We know what we have in it. We will discuss the rest with his management.

Did the kicker really come to Hamburg – perhaps already in the winter transfer window? In addition to HSV, SV Werder Bremen also digs* On the talented attacking player. Speaking of talent: HSV Sports Director Jonas Boldt also remains calm when it comes to the future and HSV transfer rumors about Fred Alido. “We have all the topics on screen. It’s important that he keeps accelerating,” said Boldt, who works alongside HSV’s Director of Sports. Michael Motzl* Responsible for transfers.

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When it comes to this topic, Boldt and Motzel have recently been verbally angered by both HSV legend Uwe Seeler and forever pesky HSV investor Klaus-Michael Kuhn. * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Steinach / imago & MIS / imago


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